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   Hello fellow beaver believers! My name is Asher. I started Beaver Stickz to help kids in pediatric hospitals and their families. In February 2020, I was admitted to Upstate Golisano Childrens Hosptial in
Syracuse, NY to remove a Cavernoma that was bleeding in my brain stem.  I spent 7 weeks in the hospital. After two brain surgeries and several hours of rehabilitation, I was able to go home.  I could not wait to hike and play outside again.


On the first hike with my family after coming home from the hospital, I discovered a Beaver Pond and found a great walking stick. After spending all morning pulling sticks from the pond I came up with an idea. I could sell hiking sticks and share the money with the kids and families at the hospital. 

For each product sale, I will donate 50% of the net proceeds to the Upstate Golisano Childrens
Hospital and save 50% for my college education.  

I want everyone to live a life filled with happiness and good health.



Like beavers, collecting the sticks is a family affair. We love time in nature, and breathing fresh air.

Beavers are respected partners, not predators. Particular attention and care is paid to be sure that
no animal is ever harmed nor a dam or lodge damaged in the harvesting process.

Did you know a beaver’s diet is comprised mainly of tree bark? These critters chew a tree down,
remove its branches and consume the bark for its daily diet!


Sticks are selected based on durability and character. Each stick has a unique look and feel-there are no two sticks alike!

Did you know as the colder months approach beavers spread a thin layer of mud on top of their den to keep predators out?


Sticks spend one week drying to remove all the moisture. Each stick loses two-thirds of its weight in water!

Did you know a beaver needs to chew wood in order to keep their teeth from getting too long? Their teeth never stop growing! Beavers need to chew wood to keep their teeth neat
and clean!

Sand it. 

Stain it. 


My Papa's workshop is where each stick is sanded and stained by hand accentuating the sticks natural aesthetic beauty. Once the initial coat of stain is dry, the same sand and stain process is repeated providing a long lasting, durable protection.

Did you know a beaver can weigh up to 70 lbs and the longest beaver dam was found in
Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park measuring 850 meters!

Credit and thanks go to Bernie Freytag for the design and contribution of our funny and friendly Beaver Logo.  

Bernie Freytag is a cartoonist, author of Find Wonder in the Ordinary: A Kids Book for Adults, and nature enthusiast. 


Beavers are remarkable creatures.  When it comes to ingenuity and persistence, they are second to none.  Their calm sense of urgency requires simplicity and a drive to find alternative solutions to every problem. 

There is a lot that can be learned from their wisdom. 

Beavers can change an entire eco-system; So can I and so can you! 

  • Be purposeful in your actions, avoid contemplation and procrastination.

  • Balance work and play, build in time for rest and socialization.

  • Beware of activities that consume your time but do not get you closer to your goal.

  • Avoid being busy for busy sake. 

  • You have the power to change your environment.

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Additional Cool Information: We abide by the principle of conscious capitalism.

  • Conscious Leadership: Authentic and loyal to the cause

  •  Conscious Culture: Intentional in our actions and performance 

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